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  DAIX12 - A10 Dimming Interface/Actuator Micromodule ($109.00)  
DAIX12 - A10  Dimming Interface/Actuator Micromodule ($109.00)




The DAIX12 is a dimming actuator equipped with one 230V input suitable for incadescent lamps & halogen lighting at 230V and low voltage halogen lighting at loads between 25 - 250W. The DAIX12 replaces DAIX10 and DAX10.


Replacement module.jpg




  • Transmission of ON / OFF / BRIGHT / DIM commands
  • Responds to ON, OFF, DIM, BRIGHT and extended dim level commands.
  • One user-definable address (free programmable address) – A1-P16
  • Suitable for operation with retractive switches with 1 or 2 normally open contacts
  • Can be used as an actuator for placing behind wall sockets (insulating connecting wires).


Connection Applications:


Suitable for the connection of:

  1. Retractive Switches:
    • One retractive switch with two normally open contacts (two-level operation)
    • One retractive switch with one normally open contact (single-level operation)
  2. Wall Sockets
    • One wall socket


Technical Data:


  • Rated voltage:   240 Vac, 50 Hz
  • Output: 250 W bulbs

200 VA Halogen lighting with wound transformer

250 VA Halogen lighting with leading edge electronic transformer

  • Cartridge fuse: Radial lead micro fuse,1.6 AT, according to IEC 60127-3, standard sheet 4
  • Current consumption: < 30 mA capacitive
  • Signal transmission: > 5 Vpp in 5 Ohms at 120 kHz in accordance with EN 50065-1, EN 50065-2-1, EN 50065-4-1
  • Transmission synchronization: 1 pulse burst at 0°/180°
  • Signal sensitivity: 25 mVpp…6 Vpp at 120 kHz ± 4 kHz
  • Signal/noise ratio: 1,35 : 1
  • Connection range: Up to 2.5 mm2, tightening torque 0.5 Nm
  • Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86 pkA – 106pkA
  • Relative humidity (non condensing): 30 to 90%
  • Standards: NEN-EN-IEC 60669-2-1, NEN-ENIEC 60669-2-2



Frequently asked questions:


o    Can you use a Saturn Switch with an SAIX12?

The buttons on the Saturn switch do not reveal their state (whether on or off)

– the button looks the same in both states.  

 Saturn switch.JPG

So an SAIX12 can be wired to it.  The switch is an alternate mechanism

switch, but the SAIX12 is designed to be able to toggle its state when the

button’s state changes.  The operation:

if the switch is pressed to put it in the ON position, the SAIX12 would turn the light on

if an X10-OFF command is then sent through the mains, the SAIX12

would turn the light off

if the switch is then pressed to put it in the OFF position, the SAIX12

 would know to turn the light on

 The Saturn switch also supports a blue illuminated ring around the buttons’

edge.  But luckily the wiring for this is separate from the switch mechanism. 

So the active lead can just be connected to the output of the SAIX12,

and the neutral lead to neutral.  Then the ring will always match the actual state of the light.

The downside here?  - SAIX12s do not support dim commands, as

they are primarily designed for appliances.


     Can you use a Saturn Switch with an DAIX12?

A DAIX12 cannot be wired directly to a Saturn switch because a DAIX12

only supports momentary switches, and the Saturn switches are only alternate

toggle switches.  However, an IMX10 Controller can be used as an interface

between the two!  Simply connect an IMX10 to the Saturn switch and programme

 it for toggle mode.  The DAIX12 won’t actually be wired to any switch… just the light.

  The operation:

if the switch is pressed to put it in the ON position, the IMX10 sends an ON command

 to the DAIX12, which causes it to turn the light on

if an X10-OFF command was sent through the mains, the DAIX12 would turn the light off.

but most importantly, the IMX10 will also detect this and realise the light is now OFF

X10 bright/dim commands can also be sent through the mains, which the DAIX12

 will respond to.

if the switch was then pressed to put it in the OFF position, the IMX10 knew the

 light was off, so it sends another ON command!


Once again, the illumination wires need to be connected to the DAIX12’s

output, not the IMX10.


                         So the solution is:

                               If you want a light to turn ON/OFF using a Saturn Switch, you can use an SAIX12

                               If you want a light to turn ON/OFF and support BRIGHT/DIM using a Saturn Switch,

                               you can use an DAIX12 combined a IMX10.


                        Now it may appear expensive to buy an IMX10 for each Saturn Switch, as well as a

                        DAIX12 for each light, but if you’re installing a 4-way Saturn Switch (to control 4 lights)

                        you only need 1 IMX10, as it can handle 4 switches!

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